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These are custom designed insoles that alter the mechanics and plantar loads of the foot. They help by supporting or improving foot and leg function. Each pair designed by our Podiatrists are made to fit the individual patient’s needs. They are used to treat a wide variety of conditions, such as but not limited to heel pain, ankle pain and knee pain.

Biomechanical Assessment

Biomechanics is the study and understanding of the human body’s movements, as Podiatrists we measure and evaluate the function of the foot, ankle, knees, legs and pretty much all the way up to the top of your head! We look at the relationship between lower limb function and foot alignment. Your body is connected and one end has an effect on the other. Symptoms such as heel pain, knee pain, shin splints, back pain, and even muscle fatigue can be due to poor foot mechanics. We can prescribe a combination of footwear, exercises, stretches, soft tissue therapy and orthotics to help target your pain.

Paediatric Assessment

We assist many families and their children with review of their feet and leg alignment. A lot of childhood conditions go undiagnosed and can lead to problems later in life. If you are concerned with the way your child walks, participates in sporting activities or complains of pain day or night, come in and see our friendly Podiatrists for a full and thorough assessment. We can also help parents to find the correct school shoes for their kids.

Laser therapy

Simple and safe. Laser therapy is your non-invasive and clinically effective treatment for fungal toe nail infections. It works by producing a light wave that is absorbed by pigmented fungal infections to gently heat and inhibit further growth. Results vary depending on type, length, severity of the infection, as well as your medical history.

Nail surgery

Permanent medical solution to ingrown to nails. As Podiatrists we routinely perform this procedure in clinic, under local anaesthetic and our patients are able to walk away immediately afterwards. The procedure takes under an hour and is the best option for patients who have reoccurring pain and infections due to ingrowing nails.


Keryflex is a nail restoration treatment. It uses a resin based gel that is UV light cured to mimic your natural nail. It is durable, yet flexible protecting your sensitive nail bed. It is used on damaged nails and contains antifungal properties..

BS Bace

German made and designed for conservative treatment of ingrown nails. This nail bracing system is safe and pain free. It works by the application of a fibreglass brace to the nail plate which distributes force and tension, relieving pain and discomfort. This brace is water resistant, translucent and comfortable to wear.

Wart treatment

Our podiatrists have a high success rate in the treatment and removal of plantar warts. We use a combination of debridement and acid to help you fix these stubborn skin lesions fast!

Diabetic Screening

We test the blood flow and nerves in your feet, and we assess your footwear and skin condition. Our Podiatrists work to help our diabetic patients minimise their risks of developing foot complications. We understand the need for close attention of diabetic patients in our community.

Nail and Skin Care

We offer routine treatment for all nail and skin conditions and our Podiatrists deliver it with an exceptional high level of service. We also provide our patients with a take home foot care plan.

Orthopaedic footwear

We offer a range of orthopaedic orthotic friendly footwear that fits right. We stock a variety of brands that are comfortable, easy to wear and have removable insoles to fit your orthoses. We love helping our patients and customers get the right shoe and to be able to walk away pain free.


Prolotherapy is safe and effective injection treatment aimed to treat connective tissue injuries and ultimately reduce pain. The injection consists of local anesthetic and hyperosmolar dextrose (sugar) that initiates an inflammation response to increase blood supply to repair the damaged tissue. Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendinopathy are two primary areas that are treated with Prolotherapy by our Podiatrists. The number of treatments are 3-5 injections every 2-3 weeks, with exact amount required depending on patient response to the therapy. This therapy may be for you if you are experiencing chronic foot pain, make an appointment with our Podiatrists to find out your eligibility.

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