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Podiatrists are highly trained and skilled medical professionals that diagnose and treat all foot, ankle and leg problems. Abnormal foot mechanics contribute to a large number of lower limb and back pathologies. Relief Podiatry care for a wide range of patients of all age groups and backgrounds. We treat the following conditions.

Foot Conditions

Heel Pain

One of the most common foot complaints that we treat daily. There can be many reasons behind the pain you are experiencing, Plantar Faciitis, Achilles Tendinopathy, Nerve entrapments, fat pad atrophy, Servers Disease or calcaneal apophysitis as seen in children. There are various treatments to help your specific problem which starts with the CORRECT diagnoses by your Podiatrist.

Sport and Ankle Injuries

Do you find yourself just walking or playing a sport then suddenly you go over on your ankle? Have you tripped and hurt your ankle? Did you know that there is a high prevalence of ankle injuries that go undetected and leave behind weakness to only have you acquire yet another? We diagnose ligament, bone and joint injuries through our high anatomical and pathological understanding. We use X-ray and Ultrasound tests to help guide our treatment plan for you.

Ingrown Nails

Are you experiencing reoccurring redness, infection and pain in the corners of your nails which is made worse when you wear closed shoes? We know because we have helped many people in the same situation as you. You attempt to cut it yourself but only make matters worse! To make it worse you may have an underlying health issue that makes you prone to infections. Our suggestion is to STOP right there and pop in and see how we can help you. With a mix of conservative and medical solutions we CAN help you!

Fungal Nails

Do you have unsightly discoloured lifted or crumbly nails? Have you tried every preparation available? The first place to start is with a correct diagnosis, we can help you identify the pathogen via pathology testing. Misdiagnosis is very common so most people treat what they think is an infection when it is not. From there your Podiatrist can help formulate the best treatment options for you which can include topical antifungals, oral medication and or Laser Therapy in combination with the correct preventative education.

Children’s foot problems

Are your kids complaining of pain in their feet and/or legs? Are they tripping or falling often? Are they struggling to keep up with their peers? These issues may be a result of foot and ankle conditions such as in-toeing, knock-knees, hyper mobility and Sever's disease. Early detection is paramount in achieving the best treatment outcomes and stopping the condition from progressing further

Skin and Nail conditions

Podiatrists treat many conditions that affect the skin and nails of the feet. Corns and calluses are some of the common hard skin conditions we treat. We also treat extremely dry feet and cracked heels. We also treat common infections of the skin such as warts (Verruca pedis) and fungal skin conditions such as Athletes foot (tinea pedis). As mentioned we offer specialised treatment for fungal nails but we also treat brittle/fragile nails, in growing toenails, thick and hard to cut nails and also nails that lift off the nail bed. Depending on the condition that you present with we will determine our treatment plan which is catered to your individual needs.

Foot deformity and bunions

Foot deformities can occur due to a number of different reasons. Some have a genetic component such as bunions (HAV), others may have been acquired during younger years of life or even due to injury and the mechanics and alignment of your body. In saying this our knowledge of the foot allows insight into possible treatment options of symptoms associated to foot deformities. We preferably work with conservative treatments to assist in reducing forces, redistributing pressures and correcting optimal alignment in order to have things working as well as they can. If all else fails, Relief Podiatry work with a number of highly trained Podiatric Surgeons and are happy to arrange surgical consultations.

Flat feet

Have you noticed that your feet "roll in" and have a low or no arch? Are you experiencing pain and discomfort? There are many causes associated with 'flat feet' and if left untreated these may lead to acquiring foot conditions/problems later in life. Come in and see our Podiatrist for a thorough biomechanical assessment, a correct diagnosis and an appropriate treatment plan.

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